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Industrial Polished Concrete: What Your Warehouse Needs

Polished concrete floors – a true example of teaching an old dog new tricks. Industrial warehouses across the country have adopted polished concrete for their floors. And its for a reason! From aesthetic appeal to high durability and costeffectiveness, polished concrete floors offer a range of advantages that make them an ideal choice for industrial environments.

We’re here at Epoxy Classes to help you explore these benefits in detail. And if you’re a contractor, look forward to adding this profitboosting skill to your business!

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a multi-step process that transforms a rough, porous concrete surface into a smooth, reflective, and durable floor. The process begins with grinding the concrete using progressively finer diamond abrasives to remove imperfections and achieve the desired level of smoothness. Once the concrete is adequately ground, a densifier is applied to harden the surface.

This densifier reacts with the concrete to fill in the pores, creating a denser and more resilient surface. After it sets and cures, the concrete is polished with finer grits until the desired shine and smoothness are achieved. This polishing process enhances the floor’s aesthetic appeal and significantly increases its durability and lifespan.

Epoxy resin is often used to enhance its properties further. The epoxy resin is applied as a coating or sealer over the polished concrete surface. If you want that high-gloss, high-durability finish, go with a grind and seal job and use epoxy resin.

Why Industrial Polished Concrete is Perfect for Warehouses

A ground concrete floor in a garage space.

A Polished Concrete Sheen: Aesthetic Appeal

Modern warehouses don’t have to sacrifice beauty for strength. With polished concrete, you have the best of both worlds! It’s not just its iconic gloss & shine, though. When you add a sealer to a concrete floor, an entire world of design choices opens for you. Even moreso if you complete the project with a grind and seal with epoxy resin!

Whether you just want to add your business’ logo to the floor or you want to go all out with a metallic design – the choice is yours!

Durability and High Strength of Industrial Polished Concrete

You might not have to sacrifice beauty for strength, but its no secret your floor’s strength is still essential. As a warehouse owner, you need to be able to trust in your floors ability to keep up with your workload. Concrete is famously incredibly strong – but why take a chance when extra protection is right there? Polished concrete is an instant improvement to your floor’s strength.

This is especially true when you turn it into a grind and seal project with epoxy resin. Epoxy resin rates incredibly high in resistance and strength:

  • Chemical resistance
  • High tensile & other metrics of strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Peel & crack resistance
  • Moisture resistance

And even more!

Safer, More Reliable Flooring

Safety is about the full package. The more preventative measures you can take in your workplace, the more dangers you’ll mitigate. Polished concrete is the best way to get a full package safety measure in your warehouse! Besides just its reliability and strength, it also adds a significant improvement to traction. Slips and falls are one of the most common sources of workplace injuries, so take that extra step to protect your workplace today.

It’s also a significantly cleaner flooring solution than the alternatives. A seamless finish – without cracks, gaps or anything else – means bacteria & grime have a harder time sticking. And, unlike other flooring options that require regular waxing, sealing, or refinishing, polished concrete only needs periodic cleaning with a neutral pH cleaner. That means its cheaper, easier & safer to maintain!


Don’t settle for bare concrete – or even worse, another alternative flooring solution. With polished concrete, your warehouse gets the full package. It’s safe, it’s strong, it’s affordable, and it looks beautiful! Contact your local contractor, or pick up this skillset for your own business and start picking up bigger projects. Either way, industrial polished concrete improves your life for the better!

If you want to start picking up bigger projects with bigger profits, join us at Epoxy Classes! Our 5-day epoxy resin and concrete polishing certification course will guide you through every step of the concrete and epoxy resin process. From start to finish, flooring installation to business guidance, we’re here for you. Sign up today and take the next step for your future!

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