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Sol-Gel: the Best Resin Alternative for Floors?

Discover the future of flooring.

If you’re a flooring contractor looking for a resin solution that’s stronger and quicker to install than traditional epoxy resins, look no further than Sol-Gel. Solvent-based, quartz-based, this revolutionary new technology is perfect for the modern contractor.

With its quick installation time and superior strength, Sol-Gel is quickly becoming the go-to resin alternative for flooring contractors nationwide. Don’t miss out on the next big thing in flooring – read further to find out more today!

What is Sol-Gel, and why is it a game-changer?

Nukote’s innovation of Sol-Gel is a true game-changer for the flooring industry. Not only does this new product provide a great traditional epoxy alternative, but it also offers an incredibly fast installation time with an impressive finish and gloss. In as little as thirty minutes to an hour after application, Nukote’s cutting-edge product dries to a beautiful glass-like surface and generally requires minimal grinding.

In fact, it can even reduce the need for grinding entirely! And with unbelievable strength and resistance that outlasts traditional epoxy materials, Nukote’s new product sets the bar higher for any future resins in the flooring industry.

The Science Behind Sol-Gel as an Epoxy Resin Alternative

Sol-Gel technology is a process for creating solid materials from small molecules. This chemical process can be used to create a wide variety of materials, including metal oxides, semiconductors, and glasses.

Materials made from this process are often stronger and more durable than their counterparts that are created using traditional methods. Additionally, they can be created with very precise control over the flooring properties. The benefits only become more clear when used for flooring!

Do you want to learn more about the science behind Sol-Gel resin technology? Check out Nukote’s website to get educated!

An image of a polished concrete Sol-Gel floor in a warehouse facility.

Sol-Gel Head to Head vs. Traditional Epoxy Resins

As mentioned earlier, Sol-Gel provides many benefits over traditional epoxy resins. One of the most notable benefits is its ability to cure at lower temperatures. This is due to the fact that Nukote’s product uses a specialized chemical process of extremely small particles of modified quartz, which dry rapidly to form a near-unbreakable bond.

Another benefit of Sol-Gel is its improved mechanical properties. In particular, Sol-Gel exhibits higher strengths and stiffness than traditional epoxy resins. This is because the Sol-Gel process creates a more homogeneous and dense crosslinked polymer network than the traditional epoxy curing process.

Finally, Sol-Gel also has better chemical resistance than traditional epoxy resins. This is because it creates a more compact and impermeable cross-linked polymer network than the traditional epoxy curing process. As a result, Sol-Gel resists degradation from chemicals and is therefore better suited for use in harsh environments.

Install stronger floors, faster.

The quick installation time of Sol-Gel is one of its many benefits. Contractors are able to apply it to surfaces & have it dry in a fraction of the time it would take to apply traditional resins or coatings. As a result, it massively reduces project timelines and costs.

Sol-Gel technology is unique in that it allows for a very quick installation time. The Sol-Gel coating consists of extremely small particles of modified quartz applied directly to the substrate, and its chemical properties cause it to cure and dry incredibly quickly. This quick installation time makes Sol-Gel an attractive option for many applications.

Sol-Gel also reduces project timelines because it reduces the need for grinding your concrete floors before application! While extreme degradation of your concrete still requires some grinding, this traditional epoxy resin alternative is ready for most floors without any grinding. Just a simple surface preparation process, cleaning, sterilize, etc., and you’re good to go!

Long term strength, short term efficiency.

The strength of Sol-Gel comes from its unique composition. As mentioned before, this innovative technology relies on extremely small particles of a modified quartz material. Modifying quartz in the ways Nukote has gives it an incredibly strong and durable finish. If you want to know more about measuring the strength of epoxy so you can better compare, check out our article on epoxy strength measurements!

You make traditional glass by melting sand and then cooling it down, and epoxy resins are similarly heat-dependent for their curing. However, this leaves specific vulnerabilities for the floors in the future. Sol-Gel, on the other hand, goes through a process called sol-gel synthesis. In this process, the chemical mixture is first dissolved in a solvent to form a gel. The contractor then applies the gel, preferably using a cone-tipped spraying tool, and will dry and cure to full strength in a fraction of the time of traditional epoxy resins!


The benefits of Sol-Gel are many and it is quickly becoming the preferred method for epoxy resin installation. The quick installation time and superior strength are just some of the reasons why Sol-Gel is so popular. With its numerous benefits, it is no wonder that Sol-Gel is quickly becoming the go-to option for those in need of a high-quality epoxy resin.

Are you curious about what Sol-Gel can do for your flooring business? Call our specialists & representatives today at (954) 287-3797! From the latest innovations in flooring, to the basic essentials, our EpoxyETC online store delivers it at competitive rates.