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Protect Garage Floors With Epoxy Resin, Not Paint!

Long-term protection, not a band-aid fix.

If you have a garage, you know that the floor is subject to a lot of wear and tear. From spilled oil to dropped tools, your garage floor takes a beating. You probably also know that painting it is not the best way to protect it. The paint will chip and peel, and it won’t last long. So what’s the best way to protect garage floors? Epoxy resin! Read this article to learn why you, either as a homeowner or a contractor, should install epoxy resin garage floors!

Epoxy Resin: The Best Garage Floor Coating?

Looking to give your garage floor a visual upgrade and protect it from damage? Epoxy resin is a durable, protective coating that’s perfectly designed to go on garage floors. Especially when you or your contractor use high quality resins, like RockHard’s epoxy or polyaspartic resins! Paint may give you some visual appeal and flexibility, but the downsides are many.

When it comes to garage floor coating, many homeowners opt for either epoxy resin or paint. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to understand them before making a decision. Here are just a few of the advantages epoxy resin has over paint for garage floors!

Garage Floor Paint vs. Epoxy Resin to Protect Garage Floors

To start with, epoxy resin wins in terms of durability; garage floors coated with an epoxy resin often last an exponential amount of time longer than garage floor paint. In terms of beauty, an epoxy resin garage floor adds layers of depth and sheen that is far more attractive than most garage floor paints. Even if paint offers you more color and design flexibility, nothing can beat the long-term gloss of epoxy resin floors.

When it comes to durability and resistance, an epoxy resin garage floor provides better protection against spills such as chemicals and oil, as well as general wear-and-tear. From oil and chemical resistance, to scratch abrasion, epoxy will beat paint ten out of ten times. For a heavy-use space like a garage, there’s no question that epoxy is the ultimate solution.

Maintenance also plays a key role when evaluating garage flooring options; since epoxy resins form a solid barrier against any damage or wear, they are easier to clean than garage paint floors. This means less maintenance, and longer protection against reinstallation. Lastly, the cost associated with epoxy resin is a great long-term investment compared to the inevitable upkeep that come with paint floors.

An image of epoxy resin garage floor coating siding to protect garage floors.

DIY or Professional Contractor, Protect Garage Floors!

Applying epoxy resin to your garage floor is a great way to give it a fresh new look. DIY epoxy floor projects have become increasingly popular, and it’s a great solution to protect your garage floor!

Before you start, it’s important that you prepare the surface; clean any debris and check for moisture. If you need to grind the floor, then you have to do it before application. Afterward, apply the epoxy resin evenly with a brush or roller. As always, trust a professional contractor to prevent common installation mistakes if DIY is not for you. Install epoxy resin right the first time for the best result to protect garage floors!

Finally, the epoxy must completely dry and cure for the best results – this takes anywhere from 6 hours, to two days depending on the resin used, humidity, and other factors.

Transcend DIY, Become a Certified Professional!

Did you try your hand at DIY garage floor installation, and now want to make it a full-time career? You’re in luck! Our Epoxy Classes certification program is a 5-day course specifically designed to help you succeed in the flooring industry.

In just five days, you’ll go from beginner DIY installer, to certified and ready to professionally install epoxy floors anywhere!


To paint your garage floor may seem like a quick and easy fix, but it won’t last. Epoxy resin is a long-term solution that provides you with a durable, easy-to-maintain surface for years to come. Epoxy resin installation is not difficult, especially when done by professional contractors. With just a little bit of care and maintenance, your epoxy floor will stay fresh for years to come. Ready to invest in the future of your floors? Reach out to our epoxy team today!

From DIY installation concerns to professional contracting advice, our team is only a phone call away at (954) 287-3797! Don’t forget to stock up on all your flooring resources with EpoxyETC online store for high-quality at competitive rates!