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Polyaspartic Resin: The Super Flooring Solution

In the world of flooring solutions, polyaspartic resin emerges as a powerful contender. Known for its remarkable strength and quick curing time, polyaspartic resin is an essential consideration for any flooring project. But there’s still an important question to answer – does it match up to the reliability of traditional epoxy resin?

This blog post will explore why polyaspartic resin is considered a super flooring solution, particularly for industrial and commercial spaces.

What is Polyaspartic Resin?

Polyaspartic resin is an aliphatic polyurea initially developed for coating steel in bridges and other structures. Like a traditional epoxy resin mix, it’s created by joining two separate chemical components. The resin forms a robust protective layer that resists abrasion, chemicals, and UV radiation. In short, polyaspartic is just as capable as epoxy resin.

You may have heard the term “polyurea resin” as well. They are closely related solutions; both offer rapid curing times and high strength. However, polyaspartic resins have the added benefit of increased UV resistance. This is an extra barrier against your floors turning yellow over time.

Advantages of Polyaspartic Resin Over Epoxy

Let’s be clear – no matter what, a traditional epoxy resin is a more suitable flooring solution than most alternatives in strength, ease, safety, and appeal. However, you may have more specific needs out of your flooring solution. Here’s where the differences stand out:

Polyaspartic resin installed in a commercial entryway with a metallic epoxy design.

Tips for Using Polyaspartic Resin

Epoxy & polyaspsartic resins are famously easy to install for any skilled contractor or DIY enthusiast. But, that doesn’t mean you should skip the necessary preparations & considerations!

You must always properly prepare the concrete surface. Whether that’s basic cleaning, or a full repair of any cracks or imperfections before application. Practice patience & thoroughness while you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the resin components. Use appropriate tools and techniques to apply the resin evenly.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

When working with polyaspartic resin, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Inadequate Surface Preparation: If you neglect to clean & prepare the surface for any resin installation thoroughly, you could be left with poor adhesion. That reduces your resin‘s long-term durability and could lead to peeling and cracking!
  • Incorrect Mixing Ratios: Not following the manufacturer’s recommended mixing ratios will compromise the integrity of your future resin. You could be left with curing issues, cracking, peeling, or even complete system failure.
  • Applying in Extreme Conditions: While it is a versatile resin, extreme temperatures or humidity can affect the curing process and result. Check with your manufacturer’s instructions for recommended curing and installation conditions.
  • Curing Time: Even though it is significantly shorter than epoxy, allow sufficient curing time according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


If you’re on the market for a new super flooring solution, polyaspartic resin has heard your prayers. Look towards the future of flooring for faster curing, stronger floors, and a shine that won’t go yellow for years to come! Ditch the competition and build the foundation for your future with polyaspartic resin today.

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