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Epoxy Countertops As A Stone Alternative

Get the same look, without breaking the bank.

As anyone who’s ever shopped for stone countertops knows, they can be quite costly. From a beautifully speckled quartz to the glossy granites of the world, stone countertops are known for their beauty. They’re also usually very expensive, but what if there was a way to get the same high-quality look for a fraction of the price? With epoxy countertops, you can have the best of both worlds!

What is Epoxy?

Basically, epoxy is a smooth, clear resin solution. It’s mixed with pigment, and a hardener, and poured into place. The solution dries and cures, giving it a smooth, seamless appearance. Because of its solid finish, epoxy comes with a variety of great benefits!

Overall, epoxy is great at mimicking your favorite stone finishes. Its glossy finish will get you tat stone finish you want! Plus, epoxy countertops are extremely durable and easy to care for. As a result, they’re a great alternative for busy families. Overall, epoxy is great for anyone who wants a low-maintenance kitchen!

Why Should I Have Epoxy Countertops?

An image showing an epoxy countertop mimicking a stone finish.

Epoxy is in high-demand when it comes to floors for garages, commercial kitchens, warehouses and more! Its an incredibly versatile material. Basically, the same reasons that it’s popular for floors are also benefits for your countertops! Here are just a few reasons why you should consider epoxy as a stone countertop alternative:

  • For anyone working with a budget, epoxy is an incredibly reasonable solution. From the resources, to the labor costs, epoxy is very efficient.
  • Epoxy cures to itself and its surface, making it strong and durable. Because of this, epoxy lasts years longer than its alternatives.
  • Epoxy countertops are easy to care for and maintain. Due to their non-porous finish, it will help fight against bacteria collection and more. Epoxy is an incredibly sanitary alternative!
  • You can choose a wide variety of epoxy designs. Whether you want your favorite stone finish, a simple one color design, or even glitter, epoxy can deliver!

So if you’re renovating your kitchen, epoxy is the way to go! Get that same stone slab beauty without any of the pain.

Learn How To Install Epoxy Countertops

An image showing a professional epoxy contractor showing students how to install epoxy countertops.

Epoxy is an increasingly popular industry, for consumers and for business-owners. Learning hands-on with professionals is the best way to guarantee success in this industry. So sign up today for our Epoxy Classes program! You can learn the fundamentals with experienced professionals, from installing floors to installing countertops. Our 5-day program will cover:

  1. How to grind a concrete surface
  2. How to properly mix epoxy resin solutions
  3. Installing different epoxy styles

So sign up today and get a headstart in this booming industry!


Any homeowners, or business owners, should consider epoxy as the top alternative to a natural stone slab. You can achieve the same iconic looks, without sacrificing durability and strength, for a fraction of the price! Epoxy is a beautiful solution for floors and countertops alike.

If you have questions about installing epoxy countertops, either as a consumer or as a contractor, our specialists at (954) 287-3797 will help you. Check out our EpoxyETC online store, which has everything you need to install epoxy floors and countertops at reasonable prices!

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