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Epoxy Classes: Unlock Your Potential

Discover new skills and new opportunities.

In any competitive industry, knowledge is what sets you apart for success. Flooring is one of the best examples of this. Flooring contractors who get certified for their work will often craft better floors, gain access to better opportunities, and find more profit! Don’t just wait around, book a class with us at Epoxy Classes today!

Here at Epoxy Classes, we train the next generation of success stories. Epoxy resin is a booming trade opportunity, and the time has never been better to get in. But you can’t do it alone – that’s why we’re here.

Why Do I Need Epoxy Classes?

Epoxy contractors in training working on resin slabs.

1. Everything You’ll Need to Know

Our curriculum covers a broad range of topics. If it’s about epoxy resin floors, and you need to know it, we teach it. From troubleshooting, moisture testing, to surface preparation and much more!

The team at Epoxy Classes is made of years-long veterans of the industry, with hundreds of hours of experience under their belts. No question should go unasked, and no question will go unanswered.

2. Level Up With Concrete Polishing Training

Every skill in your belt levels up your profitability & versatility as a contractor. With polished concrete training, you can boost profits with ease! Our experts with 25+ years of experience guide you through hands-on training using professional equipment. Even just a simple polished concrete job will boost a floor’s efficiency & safety massively.

3. Hands-On Training with Epoxy Classes

We believe in learning by doing. As informative as our lectures are on business & marketing practices, the real work starts on our warehouse floor. And we’re working with the biggest epoxy training facility in the country!

Our certified trainers provide one-on-one training on every skill you’ll need on the job. Grinding, epoxy installation, design work, and so much more. Gain practical experience with the tools and products used in real jobs.

4. Sourcing & Closing Leads

And it’s not just the physical work we help you with – you need to develop the brain for the industry, too. Our teachers prepare you to be a competitive force, with marketing and management lessons, so that you can get the success you deserve.

We love to stay in contact with our graduates, too. If there’s a job that’s perfect for you, we want to help you find it & succeed at it. We’ve built our name off of the trust & success of our graduating classes – so add your name to the list!

5. Epoxy Classes Lifetime Phone Support

The Epoxy Classes team has a no contractor left behind policy. If you need help after you’ve left our classes, our phone support is open to you. No matter your concerns – on the job or off it – our technicians are trained to deliver the help you need.

Success Starts with You!

The Epoxy Classes certification course is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed. Our commitment is not just to teach but to guide you towards a thriving career. But you have to make the first step! With hands-on training led by professionals, why wouldn’t you sign up?

We’re committed to your success. If you want to learn the trade and develop your start-up business for a successful future, book a class today! Kick-start your journey towards excellence with our team of veterans.


Flooring contractors: what do you have to lose? With a simple 5-day course with our professionals, you can instantly boost your chances of success! Work hands on with the tools of the trade, gain access to the knowledge that’ll set you apart from the competition, and make more profit! Don’t wait around – sign up today.

At EpoxyClasses, we’re your headquarters for flooring success. Every step of the way, we want to be by your side. Get the phone support you need to level up at (954) 287-3797. And when it comes to resources – our EpoxyETC online store can’t be beat for quality & price!