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Green Evolution: The Rise of Eco-Friendly Epoxy Solutions

Epoxy resin’s become the golden goose for flooring contractors and DIY enthusiasts. There’s good reason – epoxy resin is versatile and durable, affordable and beautiful. But with a shifting focus towards sustainability, will epoxy resin pass the test? Today, more than ever, there’s a growing demand for eco-friendly epoxy solutions.

Let’s talk about how sustainable practices & green solutions are reshaping the epoxy resin landscape.

Eco-Friendly Epoxy: Towards the Future

Consumers aren’t the only ones who have developed a green focus. Manufacturers and distributors, too, are creating and promoting eco-friendly products. Epoxy resins with reduced VOC emissions, sustainable waste practices & chemical efficiencies are just a few ways our industry has made progress towards eco-friendliness.

The Chemical Composition & Environmental Implications

The environmental footprint of epoxy is intricately linked to its chemical composition. This isn’t going to be a complete breakdown of the chemical components of epoxy. But it is necessary to get a foundational their ecological implications, we gain insight into the sustainability of epoxy resin solutions.

Certain chemicals commonly found in epoxy, such as bisphenol A (BPA), have raised environmental concerns due to their potential health risks and long-term environmental effects. Becaues of these concerns, chemists & resin manufacturers have researched & developed alternatives with lower environmental impact.

Epoxy resins’ main source of environmental impact comes from both the production process & the VOC content. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are the product of the chemical process of creating & installing epoxy resin. These can be dangerous both for the installer & the environment broadly. But industrial focus on green solutions & more regulation of VOC contents mean your average epoxy resin solution is lower in VOCs than it would have been just a few years ago.

An epoxy contractor training new contractors during an epoxy resin installation pour.

Green Solutions: Developments in the Eco-Friendly Epoxy Movement

Concerns about environmental impact have been at the forefront of consumers’ minds for several years now. Whether its the product itself, the waste & production process, or steps during installation, our industry is turning green. Here’s just a few ways the eco-friendly epoxy shift has taken place:

Bio-Resins, Low VOC Resins & More Eco-Friendly Epoxy Resins

Many flooring solutions, such as concrete, create harmful chemicals both during production and installation. Because epoxy is relatively new as a widespread flooring solution, chemists & manufacturers are making exponential progress in the research of an eco-friendly epoxy resin.

Between regulation and consumer pressure, epoxy resins are much lower in VOC content than they were just a few years ago. Your epoxy resin resource/distributor should have their resins labeled as “low-VOC“, and often explicitly tell you the VOC content due to regulations.

Sustainable Waste Practices

Care for the environment doesn’t end with installation – and it’s too often overlooked. Sustainable waste management practices are crucial for reducing the environmental impact of epoxy resin solutions. Proper disposal, recycling initiatives, and responsible sourcing create a more sustainable epoxy industry.

Check with your local waste management service to see what they recommend for your disposal of the epoxy resin.


Be the change you want to see in the world with epoxy resin! Not only is it more eco-friendly than it ever has been, but eco-friendly epoxy resin is safer than most any alternative solution. Contractors & consumers alike have the opportunity to step up and choose sustainability with epoxy resin flooring.

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