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An epoxy resin contractor spreading an eco-friendly epoxy resin solution onto a commercial floor.

Green Evolution: The Rise of Eco-Friendly Epoxy Solutions

Dive into the eco-friendly epoxy revolution. Learn sustainable practices and make green choices for …

An epoxy resin contractor wearing personal protective gear for epoxy resin safety.

5 Things You Need to Know About Epoxy Resin Safety

Master epoxy resin safety with key tips on ventilation, gear, and emergencies for contractors' peace…

A large industrial warehouse flooring space with an epoxy resin system installed in it.

Epoxy Resin Coatings for Industrial Floors

Unlock the durability and versatility of epoxy coatings for industrial flooring. Essential insights …

An epoxy floor coating applied in a commercial space with a metallic design.

Floor Coating Choices: Polyaspartic vs Epoxy Resin

Polyaspartic vs. epoxy resin is the competition contractors need to understand.

A large garage space with an epoxy resin garage flooring installation.

Epoxy vs. Concrete: The Ideal Garage Flooring Solution

Dive into the epoxy vs. concrete debate. An essential guide for contractors and homeowners.

A concrete grinder with professional-grade diamond tools installed.

Diamond Tools: Grind Concrete Away Efficiently

Concrete will always need grinding. Our guide unveils the secrets of selecting the perfect diamond t…

Glitter epoxy resin floors in a bar floor.

Glitter and Glow: Illuminate Space with Epoxy Resin

Transform surfaces with glitter, glow, and LED brilliance! Discover the art of epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin countertop in a commercial space with a metallic/stone epoxy resin design.

2023 Epoxy Trends: Redefining Flooring & Crafts

Dive into 2023's epoxy trends, blending style and sustainability. For contractors and creators shapi…

Flooring contractors in training to work with epoxy resin with professionals.

Epoxy Classes: Unlock Your Potential

Master the art of concrete design! Join Epoxy Classes to learn hands-on techniques for epoxy resin f…

Epoxy resin with a glossy, gray metallic design installed on a concrete floor.

Epoxy Resin: The Revolutionary Concrete Sealer

Epoxy resin: the ultimate concrete sealer for contractors seeking strength and DIYers craving beauty…

Nitrile gloves used to safely wipe and prepare epoxy resin flooring.

Epoxy Safety 101: Protect Yourself and Your Project

Secure your epoxy projects with safety measures and emergency procedures. Learn what safety gear you…

Epoxy countertops reflecting on their glossy surfaces in a residential kitchen.

Epoxy Countertops: Stunning Kitchen Additions

Upgrade your kitchen with stunning epoxy countertops and master the art of DIY craftsmanship.

Glossy epoxy resin flooring undergoing treatment for air bubbles.

Epoxy Troubleshooting: Common Issues and Solutions

Fix epoxy problems like a pro with expert guidance. Read this article to find perfection!

DIY epoxy resin arts and crafts laid out on a table.

DIY Epoxy Projects: Beyond the Garage

Transform interiors with epoxy! Learn artistic projects and pro tips. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts seek…

A large warehouse with a glossy epoxy floor installed.

Concrete Moisture: How to Find It & How to Fix It

Master concrete moisture control for strong epoxy floors. Learn testing, mitigation & more with …

Mechanical surface prep work done by professional flooring contractors with a large floor grinder.

Mechanical Surface Prep: Safer, More Effective Than Acid Etching

Don't settle for convenience with your flooring investments; get the best results with mechanical su…

An image of a deep blue epoxy resin layer being installed.

Future of Flooring: Epoxy Innovations and Trends (2023)

Every flooring contractor needs to know about these revolutionary epoxy innovations! Stay ahead of t…

Hands On Epoxy Training

Epoxy Flooring Efficiency: Maximize Productivity

Don't settle for an inefficient workplace. Read this article to discover how you can maximize your e…

An image of concrete before it's gone through surface preparation.

Surface Preparation Techniques for Epoxy Floors

Surface preparation is far too overlooked among flooring contractors. Stand out with knowledge! Lear…

An image of a beautiful slab of epoxy for an epoxy flooring project.

How to Estimate Epoxy Flooring Project Costs

Epoxy flooring projects are an incredibly profitable industry, but planning can make all the differe…