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2023 Epoxy Trends: Redefining Flooring & Crafts

Epoxy resin took the world by storm. But why?

In the ever-evolving flooring industry, 2023 unfolded as a remarkable chapter for epoxy resin. As we bid farewell to this transformative year, let’s reflect on the excellent year epoxy has had! With all sorts of innovations, project ideas, DIY crafts, and even technological breakthroughs, there’s a lot to unpack.

Epoxy resin is a revolving door of constant innovation, but 2023 brought seismic shifts in the market that will leave a lasting imprint. From eco-conscious movements to unprecedented market growth, epoxy resin stood at the forefront, shaping not just floors but DIY crafts, countertops, and much more!

2023 Epoxy Trends: The Year of Resin

Epoxy resin countertop in a commercial space with a metallic/stone epoxy resin design.

1. Eco-Resin Movement Takes Center Stage

Flooring isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to eco-friendliness. And yet, this year, we’ve witnessed a resounding surge in the eco-resin movement. The industry has made significant strides towards sustainable practices. Manufacturers, attuned to the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions, develop their resins with a priority on bio-based ingredients, reduce carbon footprints in production, and recyclable packaging.

This shift wasn’t merely an industry trend but a collective commitment to a greener future. Resin has become the go-to for sustainable projects, whether contractor or DIY enthusiast. And clients, now more than ever, are aligning their preferences with environmental responsibility, making eco-resin a trend and a standard for conscientious construction practices.

2. Shaping Spaces: 2023 Epoxy Resin Trends Beyond Floors

In 2023, epoxy resin transcended its conventional role as a flooring solution and embraced a more versatile role – countertops, tabletops, and all things interior design! The seamless, glossy finish of epoxy became the hallmark of not just floors but also countertops. Interior design is an industry dominated by traditional materials. But now, kitchens see a surge in epoxy usage, where durability meets aesthetics in perfect harmony.

This diversification of epoxy applications isn’t just a trend but a testament to its adaptability and creative prowess.

3. Crafting the Future: Resin Art and Jewelry

In a surprising twist, traditionally valued for its functional attributes, epoxy assumed a starring role in the artistic domain. Resin art became a trend in 2023, captivating the imagination of artists and DIY enthusiasts alike. Epoxy craft projects have saturated the DIY craft space for the better!

Vibrant jewelry pieces that merge fashion with functionality, or large-scale art installations that transcend conventional boundaries. Epoxy’s ability to encapsulate colors and textures is a perfect medium for creative minds.


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